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By Gabriella Callender, SpeakOut | Poem

Here’s the completed outpouring of my emotions that will never really be complete. This is dedicated to Philip, Whitney, Lou , ALL the addicts in Kings Park, in Jamaica, Queens, who I transported methadone to (in a paper bag) when I was six years old. To all the addicts at the Sutphin Boulevard methadone clinic who gave me their best gangsta heroin lean and smile when I went there, as a little girl, with my sister to get her “medicine”. To my sister Lorraine who is no longer with us, and to my brothers who are still using, and really, to all of us addicts of an American system of abuse and misuse. This is for you/ us/ them.” Full Article (This article is a Truthout original.)

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The Oscar nominated documentary 20 Feet From Stardom focuses on the lives of backup singers, the voices that add oomph to some of the biggest names in music. It looks at the talented performers who add harmony to those songs we all know, but often pay no attention to. There are some we do pay attention to; Danni Gee is one of those whose talents command we pay attention to.

We first noticed Danni Gee lending her powerful vocals on the Vegas stage, singing backup for the legendary Cher, when the diva played at the Colosseum. Gee also performed with Belinda Carlisle and Gloria Gaynor before stepping out alone. Full Article