welcome to Earthdriver.org…

The record label dedicated to bringing you some of the finest independent music from virtually every musical genre. Browse through our record store. Take a listen. Drop us an email. We represent a new wave of artists who will be bringing you, straight from our hearts to your ears, our sound, unfiltered.

We stand in solidarity with all environmental and human rights movements, worldwide. Earthdriver started in 1998 in New York City as a band exploring a new and hybrid approach to music. Instrumentalists and vocalists, painters and poets, dancers and propagandists, all were invited into a common space to share in a free expression of sound and ideas.

As Earthdriver’s legacy continues, so does the legacy of each individual who has participated in our project. Our members have traveled far and wide, performing live, on television and radio, and in music festivals around the world, always with an unswerving passion that echoes through each and every venue, be it a stadium or a hole-in-the-wall. We hope you enjoy our music.

Contact Us: earthdriver at hotmail.com
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