Peter Prince

Peter Prince is the innovator of his own unique brand of music making, affectionately and accurately known as Rocket-Soul, combining soul vocals and psychedelic funk/rock/blues/jazz guitar. Prince is a prolific songwriter and a dynamite entertainer who has toured for a generation as the leader of Moon Boot Lover. Although the heart of his operation and fan base can be found in the North East, Peter, without label support, has generated die-hard fans throughout America. His music can be heard on: The Groove, a rare album originally released on cassette, featuring a twenty year old Peter Prince singing and playing like a man possessed, four MBL albums (two of which feature Neil and Allen Evans from Soul Live), the recently released, “Solo Acoustic” album, Earthdriver’s second album, “Earthdriver”, “After All This Time” featuring Johnny Trauma and the Trauma Unit and countless bootlegs circulated by the fans themselves.