Mark Lesseraux

Mark Lesseraux is an artist who combines vocal ability and multi-instrumentalism with extraordinary and prolific creativity. He’s gifted with golden pipes, golden ears and the ability to write an entire song- verses, chorus, bridge, the works, on the spot.

Since co-producing Earthdriver’s debut album, “No One’s Slave” (released in 2000), Mark has completed numerous full-length album projects including: “Boy Band” a rebellious (and rather hilarious) response to the “ultra-pop” scene produced with Earthdriver bandmate Ryan Waters; Ghost Pulse, a compilation of songs featuring Mark on acoustic piano; “Little Steel-Toed Willie”, a limited edition cassette release featuring Mark on acoustic guitar in display of another of his many alter egos; “Slow Novocain Mercy Resuscitation”, featuring sparse vocals, break beats, trippy, ambient sounds, loops and FX; and “Are We There Yet?” and “Post Cro-Magnon Drift” the two albums by Mark’s critically acclaimed band, The Citizens (also featuring Earthdriver guitarist Thom Loubet).