Ryan Waters

Ryan Waters made his professional music debut at the age of twelve, on the Portland Oregon music scene. He was a man-child, playing burning lead guitar in groups that otherwise consisted entirely of adults.

In his teenage years he fronted Tom Foolery, one of the hottest bands in the northwest. In 1997, Ryan moved to NYC, where he met Jeremiah Hosea and multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Olu and joined their band, Sacred Circus. It was shortly thereafter that Ryan began touring with Olu in support of Olu’s Gee Street Records debut release “Soul Catcher”.

It was during this period that Ryan co-founded Earthdriver with Jeremiah Hosea. It was also during this period that Ryan met Sade’s guitarist / saxophonist / producer Stuart Mathewman, a man who would later invite Ryan to tour the world with Sade on her “Lover’s Rock” tour. Since the completion of that tour Ryan has resided in Atlanta, where he performs regularly with his own band as well as rock-hip-hop dynamos Heavy Mojo.