Popular Songs

In mid July of 2000, Guitarist Ryan Waters (Sade/ill/Earthdriver) and singer Mark Lesseraux (Citizens/Earthdriver) took on alter egos to create this hilariously scathing critique of the music industry and the worst aspects of popular culture. Legend has it that during the 2 week period that Boyband’s debut “POPULAR SONGS” was created, Waters and Lesseraux became completely immersed in their characters, to the degree that friends and band members at times didn’t recognize them. “It was like they was two totally different individuals” said drummer Lewis “Elbows Close To The Body” Mumford.
“Popular Songs” is as pertinent and engaging today as it was 11 years ago.
Musical assistance was provided by — Jeremiah Hosea – bass (track 2) and Lewis “Elbows Close to the Body” Mumford – drums (tracks 7 and 10)
*Parental Advisory – f, s and p bombs dropped herein*