Baoku Moses and the Image Afro Beat Band

Baoku Moses is a professional cultural African performing artist and an Afro-beat musician, singer, song writer, band leader and a composer from Nigeria based in Cincinnati, Ohio. He started his Afro beat career in 1997 shortly after the passing of Afro beat legend Fela Kuti, the father of Afro beat.

Afro beat, a musical combination of western jazz with African instruments and languages is a musical expression of peace, love, unity, truth and justice.

Baoku uses Afro beat to preach, teach, entertain and educate about the issues facing all of humanity. What distinguishes his style of Afro beat from other musicians is his integration of African drums such as the Nigerian bata and talking drums, djembe, Senegalese bottom drums and much more into his music, creating a perfect musical harmony. Baoku strongly believes in UNITY as the path to PEACE, and it reflects in his music and performances.